Lake Placid, USA, will welcome the International¬† Children’s Winter Games athletes, officials, coaches, committees, families, media and spectators from 6 – 11 January, 2019! Participation in the ICWG 2019 is by invitation only.¬† The International Children’s Games are comprised of teams from cities from around the world, not by country. There will be multiple teams from some countries.

Competition will be held in 8 winter sports. Children of the World, ages 12 – 15 will experience an international-level competition most have never experienced. The International Children’s Games are geared toward friendly competition and international cultural diversity. Athletes will have the opportunity to mingle with many children from cities around the globe in an enriching environment of cultural exchange.

Lake Placid is planning many fun and entertaining activities. A student cultural exchange program with our regional school students is planned. In the process, there will be many friendships formed that will last a lifetime.

In our team events, athletes will be mixed into teams representing many different cities in an effort to even out the competition. Coaches and sport officials will select team members to achieve the resulting teams for these fun events.

Welcome World! We’ll be ready for you in January, 2019.